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QAGI/EGOCREANET    http://www.facebook.com/groups/148287498606296/

will co-organize the Conference FUTURE HORIZON OF QUANTUM ART and AUGMENTED REALITY ( in ACRONYM: Q.AR.te ) that will be held in the prestigious antique hall LUCA Giordano of the Province of Florence (IT) the 14th/DECEMBER/2012 .
The Future Horizons of Quantum ART will invite a select group of artists/scientist  to respond to both  the topics and to present a paper and/or  an exibition augmented for the Q.AR.te Conference 2012
In conjunction with the Conference  2012 in Florence a BLOG Idea -Arte http://www.idea-arte.it/comunicazione/larte-ai-tempi-della-realta-aumentata.html, will be established where all participants can share their thoughts and ideas. Paolo Manzelli pmanzelli.lre@gmail.com ,  30/JUNE/12 – Firenze Italy.

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